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Wellness Exams
Treating your pet like our own
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We understand how important it is to keep up with your furry companion’s routine care.

Just like you take your kids to their pediatrician for routine physicals, it’s important for you to be a responsible pet parent and bring your dog or cat to the vet for their routine wellness exams. These exams provide an opportunity for us to detect minor problems before they have a chance to become serious. They also allow us to monitor your pet’s on-going health and address any potential changes that we may find concerning. We’ll take the stress out of going to the vet so you can focus on the wellbeing of your pet.

If your pet is due for a wellness exam, choose Destination Pet of Woodstock.
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What to Expect During Your

Pet’s Wellness Exam

We understand how essential it is to have all your questions answered, so we take our time with you and your pet to address any concerns you may have.It is our pleasure to discuss a variety of subjects, such as nutrition, exercise, microchipping, vaccinations, etc., as well as assess what services would best suit your companion’s needs.

During your pet’s wellness exam, they will be thoroughly examined from the tip of their tail to the end of their snout. We’ll listen to their heart, palpate their abdomen, and take a peek inside their ears, nose, and mouth. We will also check their vital signs and weight.
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Wellness Exams

in Woodstock

For pet wellness exams in Woodstock, Kennesaw, Holly Springs, and the surrounding areas, rely on the compassionate team right here at Destination Pet of Woodstock. To find out more or to schedule your companion’s visit, please contact us today.
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Healthy pets are happy pets, trust their paws to our caring hands!


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