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Exotic Boarding
Big or small, we love them all

When you have an exotic pet, like a rodent, reptile, or amphibian, finding someone to take care of them while you are out of town can be tricky.

Not all pet sitters have experience caring for these types of animals, and they certainly are not welcome at all boarding facilities.

At Destination Pet of Woodstock, we welcome special guests. We offer exotic pet boarding and are equipped to care for many different types of animals. If you need a safe place for your beloved companion to stay while you are on vacation or out of town for work, contact us to find out whether we are equipped to house your unique pet.
hamster on a bed of sawdust in his cage in exotic pet boarding at destination pet of woodstock

About Our

Exotic Pet Boarding Services

We are equipped to care for reptiles, rodents, and amphibians in our state-of-the-art boarding facility. Unfortunately, we do not board fish and only accept avian pets if we already have an existing relationship with them.

All pets in our care are required to be in good general health upon their arrival. They also need to be free from communicable diseases as well as internal and external parasites. When you bring your pet to stay with us, be sure to bring their cage/aquarium/enclosure and provide their feed, bedding, and any other necessary supplies.

Exotic Pet Boarding

in Woodstock

To learn more about our exotic pet boarding services in Woodstock or to request pricing information, please contact Destination Pet of Woodstock today. We welcome many different types of animals and will provide your unusual companion with the same love and affection they receive at home.
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Healthy pets are happy pets, trust their paws to our caring hands!


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