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Why is My Cat on Constant Alert?


Do you have a feisty feline in the house? Cats like, like people, come with loads of differing personalities and past baggage. No one cat is quite the same, so when a feline is acting grumpy or on an unending high alert, it’ll take some investigating to understand the true motive for your cat’s discomfort. Stay tuned to learn three different reasons why your cat may be on constant alert or in general, not in the cuddliest of moods.


Like humans, cats can feel frustrated for many different reasons. Here are some common explanations for why your cat isn’t relaxed in your home environment:


  • Your cat doesn’t feel secure: This can be due to a variety of factors, but you can start by taking stock of who else in the household. Do you have other pets or family members that your cat may feel apprehensive about? Or perhaps your home isn’t quite outfitted for a cat? With both these ideas in mind, try some investigating to see where your cat’s agitation is stemming from and work from there. 


  • Your cat’s needs aren’t being met: Some cats have special needs that they expect to be fulfilled, and when they aren’t, they get upset. Some examples can include getting fed at certain times or getting some attention before bed, or in the morning. If your cat is chronically agitated, try seeing what could be missing from their routine, or restore that routine into their daily life. 


  • Your cat isn’t getting something they fancy: Cats fancy many things, be it a comfortable box to shelter in, or access to the outdoors where they can freely roam and stretch their curious muscles. If your cat is missing something they fundamentally crave, they will likely be prone to frequent fits of agitation. 


At the end of the day, cats get frustrated, it’s a normal part of feline ownership. But a cat that’s constantly upset risks developing future health issues due to stress.


Destiny Pet of Woodstock is Here to Help Your Feline Friend Feel Well Again

At Destiny Pet of Woodstock, we understand how dear to our hearts our pets can be. Our talented and compassionate staff do everything they can to answer your questions and put your worries to rest. If your cat is suffering from behavioral issues, don’t hesitate to schedule a wellness exam. With the guidance of our skilled veterinarian practice, we can help you discover how to give your cat the quality of life they deserve to thrive.


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