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Weekend Plans to Make With Your Pup in Woodstock


Weekends are not only exciting for you, but they are also exciting for your canine companion. For your precious dogs, weekends mean they can spend time with their beloved owners the entire day! Maybe it’s time for you to reward their loyalty and companionship with a fun-filled trip planned for them. There are many weekend plans to make with your pup in Woodstock, so you will never be starved for choice! Consider the following to plan the perfect day for you and your pal!


Find the Right Location

Not all places accept pets, so it's essential that you choose the right location for your pet-friendly weekend. A good weekend plan for your dog in Woodstock would be in places that not only allow your dog but are fun and engaging for them as well. For example, a nice local restaurant might allow you to dine with your dog, but it might not be all that great of an experience for them. If you have an active dog, they may be more excited to visit a dog park or go on a beautiful hike on a trail or up a mountain. If they like to be pampered, you should definitely take them to a pet boarding location that suits their needs!


Fun Activities

Even if your dog is easy to please, it won't hurt to plan some fun activities for them to have an even better experience. The location may be excellent, but your dog may get bored if there's nothing for them to do there. There are many fun things your dog can do in Woodstock; it's just a matter of what your dog likes best. If you plan on going to a dog park, bring a tennis ball to play catch. For hiking, consider getting a longer leash so they can explore the area even better. Remember that you want your dog to have just as much fun as you on this weekend trip!


We Want Your Pet to Have the Best Weekend At Destination Pet

At Destination Pet of Woodstock, your dog’s enjoyment comes first. Our facility is the true all-in-one location for all your dog’s needs. Whether it's veterinary care, boarding, or even grooming, our staff are more than capable of providing the service you need. Your canine companion will never feel bored under our care! If you can’t decide on a weekend plan for your pup in Woodstock, an adventure with us is never a bad idea! Give us a call to schedule a fun-filled day for your pooch and see what else we offer!


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