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The Importance of Grooming


As responsible pet owners, we want our pets to be clean, comfortable, and healthy. One important aspect of making sure your pet stays healthy is to get regular grooms. Getting regular grooms not only helps your pet stay clean and fresh but has a variety of health benefits as well. By getting a professional groom, your pet can avoid ]potential health concerns ] by detecting them early. Below are some of the major benefits of getting your pet a regular groom from a professional:


  • Detect Skin Problems: When your pet is groomed, the groomer is in constant contact with the skin. With that contact, the groomer can often detect any skin abnormalities such as hair loss, flaky skin, redness, or even fleas. 
  • Check for Ear Infections: Those cute floppy ears that your pet has may be adorable, but they can also be a magnet for dirt, debris, and even bugs! Therefore, it’s important to get your pet’s ears cleaned regularly.  During the grooming process, the groomer can inspect your pet’s ears to determine if there are any infections present. 
  • Brush Away Mats in Fur: When a dog or cat’s fur gets tangled up, the fur may form mats. Mats in fur can occur when a cat is not grooming normally, or when a dog’s fur gets soiled. Mats can cause discomfort to the skin as it causes tugging and irritation. They can also cause debris to accumulate and attract moisture, which can be an irritant to your pet as well. Getting a thorough groom, including a good bath, brushing the fur, and removing any mats with clippers can prevent this from happening.
  • Check Anal Glands: One aspect of getting a regular groom is having the pet express their anal glands. These glands are located at the 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock position of the rectum. They are typically expressed when pets defecate. In some pets, the anal glands can become impacted and create discomfort. When the anal glands are expressed during the grooming, it can help with discomfort and also avoid rupture of the anal glands.


Bring Your Pet to Destination Pet at Woodstock for a Groom

The grooming process is more than just maintaining the appearance of your pet. There are major health benefits to getting a thorough professional groom. Here at Destination Pet at Woodstock, we have full veterinary services that can address any issues discovered during a groom. Contact us to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions!

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