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Dog Leash Training in Woodstock


Are you a proud new dog owner? Young or old, every dog should learn to negotiate a leash! For new pet parents, it’s easy to assume your dog will simply comply with your walking habits. This is usually an unrealistic expectation. A puppy who is not trained to handle a leash will consistently pull you off your feet with routine pulling, lunging, and excessive barking.


How to control pulling: Many puppies will eagerly pull on the leash intent on being in control. It’s tempting for inexperienced pet owners to yank on the leash to correct this, but this aggressive training method is both ineffective and hard on your dog’s neck and throat. Instead of pulling, patiently stand still until your dog notices and returns: naturally conceding leadership back to you. Be sure to reward your dog’s return with a tasty treat to incentivize their behavior change.


How to Prevent lunging: It’s common for a dog to lunge at other dogs or small animals. Your best option is to use treats to counter-condition this behavior. 

This will redirect their attention back to you before you’re yanked off your feet! 


How to handle barking: According to the American Kennel Club, if your pup tends to bark excessively on their walks, it may be a sign of a lack of exercise. First, be sure your dog is getting a healthy amount of physical and mental stimulation suited for their age and breed. To promote less barking, distract your dog with a treat, and put some distance between you and the source of your dog’s agitation. 


Visit Destination Pet of Woodstock for Professional Dog Training

Training a new pup is a rewarding but also exhausting journey. To help you on your adventure as a new pet parent, we at Destination Pet of Woodstock, are happy to offer professional dog training. Our Trainer Stacy Abbott is a University graduate who specializes in animal behavior and learning and will passionately train your pup through all the basics. To quickly lash train your pup and more, schedule an appointment with us today!


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