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As our pets age, their risk of developing diseases increases, just as elderly people are more likely to develop diseases. Similar to human medicine, we also recommend more frequent office visits and regular testing to help catch diseases early on, and provide appropriate care. Kidney disease, liver disease, thyroid disease, heart disease, and cancer are among the most common ailments we see in elderly pets that may significantly affect their quality of life as they age. By screening for these diseases with regular lab work and chest x-rays we can catch these diseases early, and help our furry family members live longer, healthier lives.

For geriatric pets, biannual exams and at least yearly lab work and chest x-rays are recommended, as well as any additional testing based on the individual pet’s physical exam and history. Oral health also becomes much more important in geriatric pets, as bacteria and dental disease in the mouth can cause not only issues with eating, but may also cause systemic disease (disease throughout the body) if left untreated. Most geriatric pets would benefit from annual dental cleanings if deemed healthy enough for anesthesia. All of our geriatric patients are screened prior to anesthetic events such as dental cleanings with a physical exam and lab work to ensure they are healthy enough for the procedure. Please let us know if you have a geriatric pet you would like screened during our “Senior September” month.

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