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5 Tips on How to Save a Matted Dog’s Coat


Matted fur can be a nightmare for both dog and dog owners alike. Not only is it unpleasant to look at and touch, but it's also terrible for their overall coat health. Particularly bad matted fur is easily solved by trimming or even shaving off the affected area. Still, many dog owners are rightfully apprehensive about doing that. Don't worry, as there are ways to save your matted dog’s coat without chopping it off!


  1. Get it Nice and Conditioned

The first thing you want to do before you even attempt trying to save your dog’s matted fur is to get their whole body nice and conditioned. A quality fur conditioner can save you tons of time and frustration! You want all their fur to be smooth and silky so you can identify the matted areas and work on them more effectively. 


  1. Be Gentle

Working on matted fur can be both annoying and painful for your dog, so it's essential to be gentle. Just imagine you having your hair tied up in knots and someone tugging and brushing at it repeatedly! You also want to be gentle to avoid damaging your dog's skin and hair, as being rough can break them both!


  1. Separate the Matted Fur

Identify the matted area on their coat and gently massage it as you work on separating it. It helps by loosening up the matted area and focusing your efforts on where they need to be. Usually, matted fur will clump up in one area, so this helps you avoid wasting time on places that don't need de-matting!


  1. Listen to Your Dog

Most dogs already hate grooming, and technical work such as this can be unbearable for some pups. It's essential to listen to your dog and get them comfortable because some mats need plenty of time to fix. If you want to be able to do a good job, you should avoid making your dog aggressive as you complete the operation!


  1. Use the Right Tools

Using proper tools for de-matting a dog's coat can be vital for success. It makes all the difference whether you are using a regular doggy brush or a specialized de-matting comb. There are also special shampoos and conditioners that are formulated to help fix the mats in your dog's fur. Make full use of everything at your disposal for the best chance at success!


Get Rid of Matted Coats at the Pet Hotel of Woodstock

The Pet Hotel of Woodstock is the premier destination for all pets of different kinds. Our full-service facility is equipped with everything you and your animal companion could need. We have experienced groomers who can save your dog’s matted coat and help you prevent it from ever happening again! Give us a call and book an appointment to make your dog’s fur beautiful again!


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