Finding Telemedicine Veterinary Services in Woodstock

Providing convenience and quality care for pets has always been important at Destination Pet of Wood...
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Exotic Pet Boarding in Holly Springs

If you’re the owner of an exotic pet, then you’re truly one of a kind! When it comes to selecting a ...
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The Importance of Grooming

As responsible pet owners, we want our pets to be clean, comfortable, and healthy. One important asp...
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Flea and Tick Preventative Q&A

Q: Should I keep my dog and cat on flea and tick preventative? A: Yes, it is important to keep your ...
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Helpful Tech Gadgets for Dogs

Technology is starting to come to the world of pets and as pet owners, we wanted to find some of the coolest and most helpful tech gadgets for dogs!

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Visiting a Dog Grooming & Spa in Towne Lake

A well-groomed pup is a happy pup. Nothing warms our hearts more than seeing a clean dog with a smile on. If your dog is in need of some pampering, then finding a dog grooming and spa in the Towne Lake area may be just what you need. 

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How Often Should You Give Your Pup a Bath?

You see your pup rolling around in the grass and the first two thoughts that come to your mind are: ...
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We are thrilled to announce that The Pet Hotel of Woodstock has a brand-new name: Destination Pet of...
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Declawing cats is a hot topic in Veterinary medicine. This procedure was commonly performed to keep ...
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A common practice in Veterinary medicine is the “slow kill” of heartworms in dogs. Heartworms affect...
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